4 COILS TECH (formerly known as LEEL COILS EUROPE) is an established heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment manufacturer fully committed to the manufacture of custom-designed high quality heat transfer coils to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

We produce tailor-made heat exchangers for small, medium and large customers in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning & refrigeration sectors, incl. special solutions for industrial segment or data centers, in the form of serial and one-piece production coils. 

About 80 % of products are manufactured for export to more than 37 countries around the world. To Europe, North Africa, Middle East,...


Our manufacturing plant is located in Prague, near a motorway junction and only 20 minutes from the Prague international airport.

We at 4 COILS TECH are proud of the reputation we have built over the years and we feel confident to be able to deliver to our customers the service and quality which they expect.  








Short lead time

Fair price and conditions

Professional and flexible customer service

 Quality standards and Technical support

Experienced staff

Flexible production focused on customer needs



Being committed to delivery of complex technical support to our customer, we take great pride in building long-term business partnerships with maximum responsiveness to our customers’ requirements. This is easily achieved by having our experienced sales managers strategically located across many countries. Thus they are always ready to visit the customer and tailor the right solution best suited to their particular business needs.

Using our know-how, we strive to build our products as an optimal solution in terms of both heat transfer performance, as well as cost-effective design. We further advance our customer service by including complimentary access to our selection software myCoil, fast design cycle with 3D product modelling, guarantee of short delivery times and flexible logistics arrangements.

In order to provide our customers with top quality products, our main focus rests in operational excellence throughout the whole business process by using modern techniques for manufacturing and quality management. Driven by the belief that a long-standing reputation of a best customer-oriented coil supplier in the European market can only be won through continuous improvement and professional approach, we at 4 COILS TECH are therefore engaged in systematic work towards achieving our goal.