Selection Software

The myCOIL software is an application developed to select appropriate coils and calculate their parameters.

The selection software myCOIL includes two modules:

1. The calculation of coil capacity for fixed geometrical dimensions (profile, length, material etc.) and variable physical data (temperature, hum­idity, volume of air and medium etc.).

2. The calculation of coil capacity for fixed physical data (temperature, humidity, volume of air and media etc) and variable geometrical dimensions (profile, length, material etc.).

Example: In the case of a cooler with a set input temperature and humidity of air and an input and output temperature of the medium, the program calculates the output temperature and humidity of air, required flow of the medium, pressure losses, connection dimensions etc.

Customers registered with us may download the program free of charge from the internet, where updates, if any, are also automatically available.

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