Evaporators and condensers for a large fruit and vegetable warehouse

14. 05. 2021
Our operators have produced 16 evaporators with a capacity of 35 kW and 2 condensers with a length of 3,500 mm and capacity of 309 kW for our customer, who will install them in a large fruit and vegetable warehouse in southern Russia.

Technical specifications for this project were calculated by our selection software myCOIL.

Each evaporator operates one cooling chamber measuring 6 x 15 m. The temperature in the chamber is between 0 and +5 °C at a humidity of 95-96 %. The evaporators are connected to two condensers, which are installed outdoors.

The condenser consists of two-storey and is designed for 6 fans with a diameter of 630 mm. There are three steel-clad fans on each floor.