COVID-19 and protection of employees

12. 03. 2021
Like many others also our company struggles with COVID-19 spreading and do its utmost to protect employees.

  • Offices and production premises have been disinfected several times with chlorine-free so called polymer disinfection, which is applied by fogging. This polymer layer provides long-lasting protection against microorganisms (up to 21 days).
  • The most frequently touched areas (door handles, door edges, etc.) are regularly disinfected by cleaning company.
  • Dispensers with hand disinfection are available in several locations throughout the company.
  • Respirators and disposable masks are regularly provided to employees.
  • The company's management supports home office.
  • According to a government regulation, testing of all employees is carried out by means of single-use antigen tests from a saliva sample.
  • All carriers delivering or dispatching material must be notified in advance and must wear a face mask throughout their presence on the premises.
  • Customer and supplier visits were limited, both on the company premises and in their locations.