Heat exchangers for a nuclear power plant in Sierra Leone

11. 12. 2020
We have produced three heat exchangers for a nuclear power plant located in Sierra Leone, on the west coast of Africa. One heat exchanger weighed 820 kg, together with packaging it was 1,100 kg.

  • The design department first devised the structural strength of the entire frame for such a large load capacity. 
  • Furthermore, we had to reckon with difficult handling during production, along with special jigs.
  • We used unique flanges, which are based directly on the French standard.
  • According to the customer's request, we applied a pre-surface treatment, so-called blasting/sandblasting on the headers.
  • After blasting, the headers were painted with a special white, two-component epoxy paint in two coats with a total thickness of 150 µm; this paint is resistant to abrasion, sea water and mineral oils.
  • Brazing took place on painted headers; it required raised care and precision to avoid damaging the paint.
  • Before sending to the customer, the acceptance took place by inspection company from France, which was ordered by our customer. The inspector came to our company to inspect the manufactured heat exchangers, which he subsequently approved and released for dispatch.
  • We have produced atypical transport pallets with a size of 4500x2400 mm for these heat exchangers.