Our heat exchanger on the roof of a shopping centre in Germany

22. 10. 2019
Another interesting project, was the installation of our heat exchanger on the roof of a “Hessen-Center” shopping mall in Frankfurt.

Technical specifications of the supplied heat exchanger:

  • power output 400 kW;
  • coil pattern 4S4;
  • contains 2,000mm copper tubes, which have been placed in 10 rows in width and 72  rows in height;
  • operates as both condenser and evaporator;
  • has a total of 90 inputs (50/50 split between the header and distributors);
  • dimensions of heat exchanger 2,000 mm x 2,995 mm x 355 mm (width, height, depth);
  • the heat exchanger has been also  fitted with safety handling jigs.

We had to use special freight for this large heat exchanger, which had to be transported horizontally as an oversized load, because it did not meet the standard transport dimensions but still arrived safely and on time.

The first thing the customer did immediately after taking over the coil, was the holding pressure test with the Schrader valves.

The pressure was okay, so it was possible to lift our product to the roof where an air handling unit was already prepared for installation.