An interesting project producing heat exchangers for the French company AF Energy

13. 09. 2019
Project specification, customer requirements:
  • use environmentally friendly refrigerant,
  • limited space for units on site,
  • high power (500 kW per unit, 12 units in total).

The HFO1234ze refrigerant (R1234ze) has been selected for its energy efficiency and low value of Global Warming Potential (GWP). The use of this refrigerant leads to very high mass flow rates.

We have manufactured tailored heat exchangers according to the above-mentioned technical specifications and requirements.

Our innovative design has exceeded traditional Almc technology. The use of a microchannel exchanger has been in the past the major cause of a high refrigerant pressure drop. Thanks to the switch to our heat exchangers the pressure drop has been minimized, while performance and overall operating conditions have substantially improved.

The use of 800 mm fans with additional air flow blades has helped to achieve airflow rates that have not previously been reached.

The heat exchangers have been made in 2S1 geometry with 7,94 mm grooved tubes that provide:

  • small internal volume,
  • very high thermal efficiency,
  • the best heat transfer to air pressure drop ratio,
  • the best conditions for circulation of the prescribed refrigerant.

The heat exchangers have been developed and designed in close collaboration with Mr. Gilles Carron, president of AF Energy, based in France.

Type V units of 4 and 5 meters have been created for this project.