Installation of evaporator at our customer

16. 05. 2019
We have produced a tailor-made reversible evaporator for installation in the roof unit on the OFFICE DEPOT building. We had to recalculate the original heat exchanger so that the spare part not only fits into the unit but it provides required performance in particular.

Since it was necessary to transport the heat exchanger to the roof of the building using a crane we added the following elements to the common heat exchanger design:

  • 5 mm holes for fixing the heat exchanger with self-tapping screws directly to the unit,
  • removable cover plates to facilitate access and connection of the cooling circuit,
  • side plate which serves as a protective shelter over the heat exchanger,
  • handling holes for hanging on a crane.

Everything went according to plan, the heat exchanger was in place and the unit was put into operation. We were delighted that the customer was satisfied with our work.