28. 01. 2014
On March 11-14 this year in Moscow on Krasnaya Presnya there took place the regular exhibition in the sector HVAC equipment, commercial and industrial refrigeration “Climate World 2013". The exhibition area of 24000 sq.m. was located in three halls of pavilions 2 and 8 of the International exhibition center "Expotsentr". More than 400 companies from 28 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Germany, India, Jordan, Canada and the United States, participated in the exhibition.
The stand of our company LLOYD COILS EUROPE attracted the attention of visitors first of all for the air heat exchangers dedicated for HVAC systems, ventilation and air conditioning. The particular interest was caused by the duct heaters adapted to the standard range that is widely used in Russia for ventilation systems. The range was presented with various options of connection of heat exchangers to HVAC system which caused a great interest of visitors. Depending on a type of connection, customers can choose one or other type of collectors and connecting sleeves.

A lot of visitors were many companies-exhibitors as all of them use air heat exchangers for their production of air conditioning and ventilation systems. They were interested in cooperation with LLOYD COILS EUROPE, as the producer of such products which are well-established in the Russian market as high quality products and the good price.
Visitors were interested also in special heat exchangers developed for non-standard application, for example, such as combined heat exchangers, applied in air dehumidifiers for pools, or the reversible heat exchangers applied in Heat Pumps.

Our representatives, Galina Garokova, Alexandra Rylova and Ondrey Chada, working on the stand, in detail explained to visitors the feature of the production of finned tube heat exchangers and the technological capabilities of our plant in Prague. The attention of our guests was also taken to the different types of fin surface: aluminum fins, with vinyl-epoxy covering and hydrophilic surface. Some our customers and consumers of our products also participated in the exhibition. It was very opportune because we could show to our visitors finished products where our coils were used.
Many companies were interested in our products at the exhibition. There were the companies which are engaged in the design, development and production of HVAC systems, cold supplying, heating and ventilation. The following days confirmed this fact because we have received many requests from our visitors for the supply of equipment.

Despite the fact that Moscow welcomed us with very inhospitable weather, and some people could not arrive in time for the exhibition, the atmosphere in the exhibition’s halls was warm and friendly.

We thank all our visitors for their interest shown to our products, and we look forward to further meetings with all of them and for further mutually beneficial cooperation.